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Title: Crazygames
Category:Games: Online
Description:The parents' disappointment lies in the fact that the children are no longer interested in the games they remember, that they do not want to play them, etc. But parents can share their experiences with their children, and let their parents tell their own experiences. If a child tells us that a game of brain-eating zombies is playing, a reaction like, "Oh, what a shit!" Will not help us understand the child's bending to that game. Many parents mistakenly take the premise that games are the ones that make babies agitated or aggressive. But this is not the case, the children are heading to those games precisely because there is a need in them to download those experiences. Lack of time is a frequently-invoked reason. Parents are tired, irritated, wanting. Do not blame them for gambling and gossip. But they have to know that they can choose any kind of game that would make them enjoyable and where they would feel available. And also that I can tell them the truth of the children, when they can not or do not want a certain game, proposing them another variant. The game is a form of relationship and can be arranged at the will of those involved. School priorities place a great deal of pressure on parents and especially children, greatly reducing the time spent on the game. Parents prefer to do useful activities, from which children learn something. But the game itself is a very rich source of learning. It contributes to developing the child's curiosity, increasing autonomy, differentiating between the interior and the outside, between the public and the private, between the stranger and the familiar. And, last but not least, the absence of the pleasure of playing together. The huge amount of daily stress, supported by some families, leads to the appearance of a very depressed atmosphere that hampers pleasure and stimulates the emergence of conflict. Children's demands are perceived as exaggerated claims. Often, in a therapeutic setting, the family regains the pleasure of doing things together and rediscovers the time needed for it. It is not a matter of physical time, but a suffocation of the interior that collapses under the pressure of imposed pressure.
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Meta Description:Let's play crazy games in the browser.
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