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Enjoying your classic car

Date Added: February 11, 2018 11:12:13 PM
Author: James
Category: Travel: Transportation
Enjoying your classic car In modern times, the cult of the classic car has evolved. Owners see their vehicles as something far beyond just being a car, rather a nostalgic look back to the past when cars were veritable works of human craftsmanship. Your own classic car If you have a classic car of your own, there is no point in keeping it permanently locked up in a garage under plastic sheeting. You will be wanting to take it out on the road to enjoy it, to enjoy the feel of driving down memory lane. This means keeping it spick and span both inside and out. No automatic car washes that could scratch the beautiful paintwork! Sponges, soap and water are the order of the day and a good wax. Professional purpose-made cleaning products should be used for keeping the interior in good trim, while all the fluids should be regularly checked and topped up or replaced as necessary. Engine oil, transmission oil, breaking fluid and radiator water all need regular attention. The car should also be taken for a spin as often as possible, to keep moving parts from seizing up and to have the engines warmed up so that it does not stay cold all the time. Classic car motor shows in the UK A number of classic car motor shows now take place in different parts of the UK to meet the desire of enthusiasts. This is so they can have the opportunity of buying and selling cars and also to experience a platform for showing off their own cars whilst appreciating the fine details of cars owned by fellow enthusiasts. Such shows may typically also have talks or seminars covering such topics as “Dealing in Classic Cars”, “Bodywork for Classic Cars” and “Maintenance of Classic Cars”. The latter is a particularly apt subject because you are not going to diagnose a fault by plugging in a computer as a mechanic will do much of the time for a modern car. Knowledge and understanding of the car’s workings are essential. Taking your own car to a classic car motor show You might want to take your own classic car to a motor show to be seen or you may want to sell it because you need the money, or you want to change to a different Classic Car. Perhaps you simply want to join the throng of people who love the chance to display their prized possession, or there could be a show competition that you would like to enter. Whatever the reason, you should consider having it taken for you in a professional transporter’s trailer rather than drive it up yourself. This way, you do not risk mud and grit undoing your efforts at sprucing your car up so that it can be seen at its best. Professional classic car transport companies in the UK specialise in just that. The majority are fully insured, licensed and know how to look after your work of art. By taking away all the hassle and the worry of making what could be a perilously long journey for an older car, you can be safe in the knowledge that it will arrive at the show ground in exactly the same condition as it left your garage.